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I Can Reduce Your Property Taxes

High property taxes take valuable resources out of your pocket. If your house is overvalued by your Assessor you are being unfairly taxed. But, there is good news. We can help you! We have lowered every one of the more than 2,500 cases filed to date. All of our clients are enjoying sizable savings.

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We are not the average assessment reduction representatives who indiscriminately mails every house on your street and hopes to get a signed mailer card back. Those reps will never visit your house and they have an extremely low success ratio. On the other hand, we will personally visit your house to determine if you have a legitimate case for a reduction. If you do, we will prepare and file your case without any charge. The only time you pay us is when we reduce your assessment. If we take your property tax reduction case we will win your case. We have an amazing 100% success win ratio.

Examples of Savings

In 2009, we reduced the assessment at 43 Kensington Oval by 46 percent. The first year's savings was $16,703.32 To date this homeowner has saved an astounding $186,327! Most of our clients see annual savings between $3,000 and $5,000. To date our clients have saved over $50 million dollars in total!

Filing Deadlines

There are strict deadlines when you can file for a grievance. If you miss the deadline you will have to wait another year. We know when your deadline is and will ensure that you are filed in time for this year. But, you have to contact us right away to meet this years deadline!

What Is Your Fee?

There are no upfront charges. When I reduce your assessment my fee is 75% of the first year reduction. In year two and thereafter you keep all the savings. And, as a bonus, if your assessment is unfairly raised in any subsequent year I will handle your case at no charge. No one else will make this unconditional offer to you.